How to get pregnant in India’s rural areas

KARACHI: A woman has been given a provisional birth at a government-run hospital in the state of Punjab after she was allegedly left for dead in a forest for days by her husband.

The 28-year-old woman was allegedly found in a small forest area of the city of Peshawar by her brother, who found her when he was searching for her after a funeral for a relative.

The police said the woman had been left dead in the forest after her husband, who was a labourer, took her to the hospital on September 2.

The man who had been searching for the woman for several days told the police that he had come across the woman while searching for some dead animals in the area.

He said that after the couple returned home the woman was found in the small forest.

He was alerted by her relatives and her brother to seek help from the police.

The woman’s father contacted the police who arrested the couple, who were charged under a Prevention of Atrocities Act.

The family was lodged in the local jail in Peshawar, and her husband and the woman were produced before the District Magistrate on Wednesday.

Sources in the family said the couple had been living in a rented room in a house for the last seven years and the couple was in a very poor state.

The woman was suffering from severe mental and physical illnesses.