How to get out of India’s gender gap: How to earn your place in India

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Haryana state, Amrita Pandey earned her diploma from the polytechnics for women college in Haryanasagarh.

“I was inspired by the Indian women in the field of engineering and technology, who had no access to college education.

I started studying there.

I got a job after a few months.

My husband was a teacher and we decided to start a business.

I wanted to get a college degree,” she said.

Pandey said the women’s education system in India is very fragmented.

“[It’s] difficult to get scholarships.

I applied for scholarships from all over India.

However, my application was denied,” she added.

“I applied for a scholarship from the government, but the government did not accept it.

I contacted the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore and got their support.

I was able to secure scholarships through my husband’s support.

My dream was to get my own scholarship,” she continued.

Pande, who is a member of the Bollywood actress-actor team in “Jashodaben”, also said that the only women in her family had been in the industry for only two years.

“My parents were very supportive of me.

They encouraged me to do well in school and study hard.

They even offered me scholarships to help me pay for college.

The only girl in my family who has gone to college is my younger sister,” she claimed.

“They are the only ones who helped me achieve my dreams,” she explained.

Pandeshwaran Pandey (L) and her husband, Amruta Pandey, who also studied engineering at the polytechs for women in Harkaland, Haryasagarh, UP.

Pandey is currently pursuing a PhD in civil engineering.

After completing her studies, she decided to go back to her village and start a new life.

“There are still no women engineers in my village, so I decided to make a career out of it.

My job now is as a road contractor in an auto repair shop.

I also teach English to young children.

I do not mind working from home because I have a stable income,” she told the channel.

Pandes husband Amrutah Pandey works as a labourer at a petrol pump in the town of Kurukshetra in Harnal district.

They have a daughter and a son.

The couple is also parents to four children who all live in different parts of Haryansagarh district.

Pandey’s dream is to work as a teacher.

“It is a dream of mine to get married and have children.

My family is supportive and willing to give me a good life.

My mother, father and brothers are all educated professionals.

I feel like I have achieved my dream.

My career is now my career,” she declared.