How to get an education at a free women’s college in Kerala

Women’s College in Kerala, the state’s most prestigious institution, is currently operating in a precarious financial situation, and has had to cut staff and close all the doors for a year to keep the school open.

But the new school year began this week and the new administrators have a lot of work to do.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, the college’s chief administrator, M.A. M. Chaudhary, talks about the reasons for closing down the school and how she and her students have to prepare themselves for a new semester.

“We have to be prepared for an academic year, because we are in a very difficult financial situation,” she says.

The college has also closed its library, which is now a one-person operation.

“It is just one person who reads and writes in the library,” she adds.

“He has been a great resource to the students.”


A Chaudhoary, head of the women’s education department at the women sanskrit college in Sankaranchi, Kerala, in this photo taken on March 11, 2020.

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Choudhary (right) speaks to students as she tours the campus in Sulkhalakulampet, Kerala.

The women srikaks have been forced to shut down the library in order to continue operations.

“Students have to pay to stay at the library.

We have to make a sacrifice,” she said.

“When you have a school where women students are also working, that’s when we have to give up.”

The women sriks are a group of women students who have been protesting against the patriarchal system that dominates Kerala.

Last year, the Kerala government imposed a three-year ban on the teaching of women’s studies, and on the academic activities of the school.

But in order for the girls to remain open, the students had to put in some work.

“It’s a sad situation for the women, but also for the students,” Chaudhy told Engadgs India.

“If the girls are allowed to continue to teach in the school, we will have a better future.”

This video, from a video posted by M. A ChaudHary, shows the women at the Sankalanchi women’s sanskritis.