How to get an Australian degree in four years for under $40,000

A study has revealed that Australian government degrees are being offered to women who were previously too far behind in their careers.

The research by the Australian Women’s Centre and University of Sydney shows that women now have access to an Australian higher education degree worth an average of $50,000 more than men.

Read moreRead moreThe study, released on Wednesday by the Women’s Law Reform Foundation, found that women who had attended a higher education in the past had an average salary increase of 12.7 per cent from 2011-14, while those who had gone to a private university had an increase of 6.5 per cent.

The average salary of women from the four-year tertiary degree was $66,000 compared to $60,000 for men.

Read more”Women are now having the opportunity to get their education in Australia and they’re not having to look back to wait in long-term debt,” the foundation’s chief executive, Louise Mutchler, told ABC News.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to do that.”

The report also found that men who had previously taken up a post-secondary course in Australia were earning an average annual salary of $57,500 more than women who only took a postgraduate degree.

The Women’s Education Network has also released a report showing that the average annual pay for women from a post graduate degree in Australia was $42,800, while the average for men was $52,600.

“We want to say that if you want to get the best for your family, you need to do something,” Mutchling said.

“You need to have a post master’s or post bachelor’s degree.

You need to be able to work.

If you can’t get a post degree you can still get a master’s degree, but it will take longer.”

Mutchler said the report was based on a survey of more than 10,000 Australian women, with an additional 2,000 men.

The survey also found women were more likely than men to think it was “essential” that they get a university degree, with women earning an estimated $2,000 per year more than their male counterparts.

Mutchley said it was important that the funding system was working for women and girls.

“There is no question that women are under-represented in tertiary education.

But we are also under-resourced in other areas.

The issue is that we have an under-researched workforce, women are over-represented, and it’s very hard to get those jobs,” she said.”

If we can improve access to higher education we can make it a lot more accessible.”

Mans rights groups are calling on the Government to provide funding to more women’s post graduate programmes.

The Australian Women are in Government campaign has called for the Government “to ensure that all women receive an Australian post-graduate degree”.