How to get a government postgraduate college in Nagaland for women

Nagalands government college for the girls will open its doors to women next month, in a major policy shift.

The government college will offer its first two-year undergraduate degree to women in the state of NagalAND.

Nagaland Chief Minister Kummanam Rajapaksa inaugurated the project at the end of March.

It was announced in the budget proposal for the current fiscal year.

The university, named Nagalandi in honour of the Goddess of Wisdom and Protection, will offer the four-year Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degree to both women and men, with a total enrolment of 3,000 students.

The first class of students will begin their studies at the Nagalandan government college in April next year.

The women’s college, set up in 2003, has attracted criticism for the lack of facilities for women, particularly the lack in academic facilities.

In the budget, the government said that a total of $8.5 million would be allocated for a two-month pilot project in the Nageland government college to enrol a single undergraduate degree for women in two years.

“It is a great step forward to create a strong women’s institute in Nagelands and a women-centric society,” Ms Rajapakas statement said.

“The Nagelandan government will now begin the task of establishing a strong institute in the government college of women, to ensure that there is not only a strong foundation for women to study in Nagalsand, but also the future of women in all areas of society.”

Ms Rajapakesa said the college would also host the annual Nagalangad conference.

Earlier this month, the state government announced the formation of a joint committee to create an all-women college.