How to get a government degree in India?

The government has launched a course to help women in the technology sector earn their degrees.

The government has introduced the government degree course in the field of technology, which will help women secure jobs in the IT sector and prepare them for post-graduate courses.

It will also help them in the management of the IT infrastructure in the country.

The new course, which is being offered by the Department of Technology, will be offered in the Government Post Graduate College (GPG) of Technology (GPT) of Lahore.

The course will start from April 12 and the final exam will be held on June 2.

The course will be taught by senior technologists and post-graduates of the GPT, with the aim of providing a better understanding of technology and the skills needed for a post-doc or doctorate degree.

The students will also have access to all relevant government-related information including certificates, degrees, diplomas, certificates and diplomas.

The aim of the course is to prepare the students for careers in IT and related fields.

It will help the women, who are not currently employed in the industry, earn their post-secondary degree in the sector, said Tapan Kishore, secretary, GPT.

The women will be able to complete the degree through the course.

“We are aiming to help our women who are doing post-doctoral studies and who want to work in IT or related fields, who do not have any experience, but who want a job, to achieve their dream,” he added.

The Government Post Graduate College of Technology is one of the four Government-run colleges of IT.

The GPT is part of the University Grants Commission of India.

The courses will be free to women enrolled in the GPG, and all students enrolled in GPT will be eligible to take the course, the ministry said in a statement.

“There are some women in our sector who do post-doctorate degrees in technology.

We hope that this course will help them, in a way, to realise their dream of becoming a PhD student,” said the GPD Secretary Tapan.

The minister has set aside Rs 25 lakh as a grant for the first phase of the scheme, which aims to train up to 100 students a year in the course over the next five years.