How to get a good education at the government college in Tamil Nadu: The best universities for women

A government college for girls in Tamilnadu has won a prestigious international award for excellence.

The Indian Council of Educational Research (ICER) announced the prize, awarded for excellence in education, to the National University of Engineering and Technology (NUIET) for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The award was jointly awarded by the ICAER and the National Council of Education and Training (NCERT), the organisation that runs the national education system.

The institute has an overall enrolment of around 14,000 students.

The centre for women in engineering, technology and science (C-ITS), which manages the institute, has also been given the prestigious honour.

“We are very happy to have been nominated by the Indian Council for Educational Research for the prestigious ICER award,” said Nuiya Prabhakar, director general of CITES.

“This is a first-of-its-kind award.

It’s very significant for women.

They are often overlooked in the education system.”

In the competition, CITESTE awarded the institute a total of 11,811 nominations.

The institution had won five other prestigious awards in 2018-19 including the Best Student Experience Award and Best Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award.

In 2017, CITS had also won a number of prestigious awards including Best University Teaching Experience Award, Best Undergraduates Teaching Excellence and Best Faculty Training Award.

The National University for Women (NUW) has been awarded the National Institute of Technology (NIIT) Excellence in Engineering Education Excellence Award and has also won the prestigious National Institution for Engineering Education (NIEE) Achievement Award.CITES also awards prizes to institutions that have achieved a certain degree of excellence in their education system, which includes the Best Faculty of Engineering Excellence, the Best Graduate Certificate of Engineering, the Student Excellence Award, the Teaching Excellence award and the Student Leadership Award.