How To Get a Bachelor’s Degree in India In 4 Steps

The government arts colleges of India will be closed on March 15, 2018.

The government has put this move in place to curb the rise in students taking up the government degree from private institutions.

While government schools have long been a source of discontent among students and activists, this move is meant to stop students from attending them for fear of being shut out of the higher education system.

A few months ago, students at the government colleges of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu staged a protest against the closure of government arts schools.

The colleges were among the first in the country to have their academic credentials revoked.

The new rules are expected to be announced soon by the Education Minister in the national capital, Delhi.

As part of the new rules, the government college of India, which runs in the south of the country, will no longer be able to award certificates and diplomas.

The ministry said this is because there is a demand from the public to see the qualifications of students in government colleges.

“The college of education has been struggling for a long time to fulfil the needs of the people.

However, now, we have decided to take a decision to limit the number of such courses that students can get,” Education Minister M. Rajan told NDTV on March 19.

The decision was made at a meeting of the state government, the education department and the state-run public sector banks.

“There was an overwhelming demand from people.

We are taking this decision for the betterment of the education system,” he said.

Students will be able still to attend government colleges but not the government art colleges.

An official at the department of education told NDtv that the government will only be able teach students in the new higher education institutes.

“We have asked the ministry of education to take measures so that students are able to get certificates and diploma in the institutions, which are closed.

Students from the government institutions are expected not to come to the universities,” the official said.

While the government arts courses will continue to be offered to students in these institutions, government degree, which can be earned in any state, will be available to all students in colleges.

The new higher educational institutions are the only ones that can offer government degree.

The department of higher education has already announced a new batch of government degree programmes in different states.