How to find the best university for women in India for a career

India’s top university for female candidates has been given the title of ‘top university for woman in India’ for a first time, after an extensive process that included more than 1,200 interviews, more than 70,000 applicants and more than 5,000 candidates from all over the country.

In 2017, the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi University in Bangalore was chosen as the top female university in the world for students of all social and economic classes.

However, the ranking of the Indian women’s college, which is ranked among the top ten universities in the country by UCL, was announced as the first official top university ranking by the government in 2019.

The decision was taken in April 2018 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), with a number of other government agencies also involved.

The government’s ‘MHRI Ranking of the World’s Top Women Universities’ also revealed that the women’s colleges in the top 10 universities in India were: Delhi University (9th), Jawaharlal Nehru University (16th), IIT Kharagpur (16nd), IISc (19th), National University of Singapore (24th), Delhi University of Technology (25th), Institute of Science and Technology of India (25nd), University of Madras (32nd), Mysore University (34th), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (38th), Moolchand University (40th), Madras Institute of Social Sciences (41st), IAS and IIM-JEE respectively (43rd).

The government had also given a list of the top 15 colleges and universities that had been ranked among top 10 for the past four years.