How to find a job in Jammu cantons – Jammu Cantonment

Jammu, a province in Jharkhand, is home to some of the poorest, most violent and poorest states in India.

The state’s population of 5 million is roughly one third that of the state of Assam, where nearly 1.2 million people live in poverty.

Jammu’s state assembly was set to elect a new speaker on Thursday but the election was postponed after a man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a policeman.

The arrest came after a group of protesters gathered outside the assembly building to demand the resignation of the speaker, Kailash Mansukh.

The group said Mansukhe should resign for failing to protect women.

Mansukha is accused of beating a woman in a street and beating a man at a bus station.

His lawyer said the assault on the policeman was in self-defense.

His arrest comes amid a nationwide wave of anti-women violence in India, where women are often victims of violence and harassment in the name of protecting their dignity.

A group of activists, led by a woman who goes by the name Meena Singh, said they were angry over the alleged assault.

They want Mansukhi to be punished, they said.

“We are not afraid of police.

We are not scared of the people who are taking our rights.

We have our own voice,” Singh said in an interview on Wednesday.

The woman, who is also a lawyer, said she wants to see Mansukhan removed from office.

“If he had stood up for women’s rights, there wouldn’t have been this kind of violence.

And he has been protecting them,” she said.