How to become a female engineer in Kerala: How to earn a degree in engineering?

Kerala’s Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has issued a directive to all colleges in the state to have courses in engineering available for women students.

The directive came after the Kallamulla College of Engineering, one of the largest engineering colleges in Kerala, announced that it would be offering its engineering degrees to female students starting next year.

The college, which has over 2,000 students, said it would not offer any courses in the engineering field in the next academic year.

MHRD Director Dr Ananth Kumar said the government would set up a committee to ensure that all engineering courses offered to female candidates were gender neutral and gender inclusive.

“There will be a committee headed by MHRDs (Minister of Human Resources Development) to ensure the courses are gender neutral, gender inclusive and that there are no gender biased aspects in them,” Dr Kumar said.

Dr Kumar said in the past few months, the college had also introduced new courses in robotics, chemical engineering and other fields.

The MHRB will also introduce the next generation of engineering courses to students, he said.

The department of science and technology (DST) has also set up an engineering college for female students.

It has set up special training centres for women engineering students in the city and other parts of the state.

MHRDs latest directive comes a day after the Kerala government announced that its women engineers would be given the right to elect engineering professorships.

In its recent announcement, the state government had promised to make women engineers a key component in the development of the IT sector in the State.

According to MHRBD, there are now over 500 engineering colleges offering engineering degrees in Kerala.