How to apply for government grants for women in Punjab, Punjab government says

Punjab government has set up a women-focused government college to help women obtain grants for college tuition.

The government has also announced grants of over 50 scholarships to women for the next two years.

Punjab, which has a female population of around 25 million, has been grappling with the shortage of women in the labour market.

Last year, the government launched the Women and Child Development (WCD) Scheme to help provide grants to women in education and employment sectors.

According to a press release, the new scheme aims to provide funding for over 250 women colleges in Punjab and Haryana through the Women’s Commission.

It will provide loans for up to Rs 2 lakh each for five years and support for two more years of tuition, it added.

The new scheme will also help to create an awareness about the benefits of working and education.

“The WCD scheme aims at ensuring that the women have the resources to take up higher education.

This scheme will provide them with financial support for higher education,” said Punjab Minister of Women Affairs, Rajeev Kumar Singh.