How to apply for government colleges in Pakistan?

Faisalpur, the capital of Punjab province, has one of the largest government colleges for women in Pakistan.

The government has created two different categories for women to apply to: government colleges and universities for women.

Both are open to students who have completed secondary school and are over 18 years of age.

The first category is open to women with a secondary education and are studying at a private university.

The second category is for women who have not completed secondary education, and are enrolled in government-run education institutions.

Both government colleges are located in different parts of the country.

They are located across the cities of Faisala, Faridabad, Jalandhar and Peshawar.

The college is a private institution, which is run by the state and has its own board of governors.

The government college for girls has three schools and has about 2,000 students.

The colleges aim to teach girls secondary education.

For the past 10 years, it has trained about 3,000 girls.

The colleges have been running for about a year, and students have been waiting for the government to approve their application to join the college.

A student in the government college said she was told she would be able to study from May 15.

“I am a student from the government university and will be enrolled in the next two years.

I am happy to get the approval for my studies,” the student told Reuters.

The girl is now applying for a higher government education, according to her school.

The education ministry, which oversees the government colleges, said in a statement that the government will review all applications and the status of each applicant.

The ministry has also issued an advisory to the government schools.

In Punjab, government colleges can enroll up to 300 students, with enrolments limited to women students, according the government.

Students who are enrolled at government schools and colleges are also entitled to government allowances.

The girl said she has applied for the college’s first-year class but is yet to receive her admission letter.

“I have been in the school for about two months, but the education department told me that it will take two months to review my application,” she said.