How to apply for a government degree in Hyderabad Telangana

Government Arts College for Women has launched a website for students interested in a bachelor of science degree in Government Arts.

The college aims to train up to 200 women students in the field of Government Arts and its programme is based on the ‘G-20 Model’ in the country.

The programme will also provide the students with employment opportunities.

The college is aiming to attract up to 30 students from various fields of study in the coming years.

The bachelor of Arts programme at the college is open to all genders, and is open for anyone to apply.

The course will be offered from January to May and students who are interested in studying at Government Arts are required to complete the programme.

“It is a privilege to offer the Bachelor of Arts at Government Science College.

We hope to train as many women as possible in Government Science.

The goal is to have up to 300 students,” said Ashish Kumar, President of the Government Arts Department, which will conduct the course.

“The government is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all women in the society.

This course is a great step in our drive towards that goal.”

The College will be based on ‘G.20 Model’, which envisages an equal opportunity for women to pursue their career aspirations.

According to the model, all students in government schools and colleges should be taught by women.

According to the college, women students are eligible for the Bachelor in Arts programme if they have completed their primary or secondary education in the state and have achieved a grade C or better in the subjects studied.

“In the next few years, we will conduct a recruitment drive for the female students.

The process is aimed at ensuring a smooth entry for women into the college,” said Kumar.

The first batch of the students will be selected on May 15.

“We are planning to launch the Bachelor programme in the second week of June,” he said.