How the ‘pudukka’ app got a new ‘sensor’ app icon

India’s ‘puddingkotta’ (or “pudu” in Tamil) app application has received a new app icon.

A new image has been added to the app icon in India’s version of Google Play.

The app is part of a partnership between India’s government and private sector to promote women’s education, but it’s not yet clear if the app’s app icon will be the same in all versions of the app.

The app icon was designed by an artist who created the icon for a local app called ‘Aam Aadmi’ that aims to promote the “Aam Shri Narendra Modi’s India” campaign.

It is not yet known if the new icon is the same for all versions. 

India’s version, for example, currently has an icon that features the words “Aadmi Bharat Mission”, which means “India Bharat”.

However, the app was updated in May with a new icon featuring the words, “AADMI” instead.

It’s unclear what the new symbol will be.