Government post graduate postgraduate college for females gets new title

A government postgraduate school has been created at the central university of Sri Lanka to give women a better chance of getting a better education and getting the best possible opportunities in the workforce.

The Centre for Women and Postgraduate Education at Sri Lanka University, known as the CSWPGE, is set to start operations in the first week of November, with the aim of helping young women to improve their career prospects and become more employable.

The school, which is part of the Government Arts College (GAC) in the city of Poonamata, was launched in September last year and is the third of its kind in Sri Lanka.

The CSWEGE aims to provide students with a range of opportunities, including the opportunity to take part in the university’s international programmes and internships, as well as work on a part-time basis.

“In Sri Lanka, women have long been excluded from certain careers.

Women have not had the opportunity, and many don’t know what to do when they want to pursue a career in the public sector, which are predominantly male-dominated sectors,” CSWBG President Rachael Parekh told news channel NDTV.”

The Government Arts and Science College (GASC) is one of the most prestigious institutions in Sri Lankan society and it is only through CSWGE that women can achieve their dreams and realise their potential.”CSWPG has a total of 8,600 students and currently has a capacity of over 500 students.

It has been providing courses in human and social sciences and psychology, social work, economics and psychology for over 20 years.

“I am so proud to be a part of this project.

It is a very unique opportunity that I have to work on behalf of a society that is very much in need,” Parek told NDTV by phone from Poonamsarajaram.

“I am confident that I will be able to help young women in the country to attain their potential in the workplace.”

The CSU president is the second person to be named as the first female president of the school, after former chief minister Piyush Goyal in September.