Government Polytechnic College for Women is India’s first female college for girls

Srikaksipur, India — The government college for students in northern India is one of the first in the world to offer a female-focused programme.

The government polytech college for ladies at Srikakhulam in the northern state of Assam will be the first non-governmental college in India to offer courses on women’s issues.

“We wanted to do something different to give women a chance to be educated in a liberal environment,” said M.A. Srikanth, the president of the Srikaka Polytechnics.

Srikakanth was one of more than 20 women to receive an award at the prestigious Srikaputra festival for their work to improve educational opportunities for women in India.

“In the last 10 years, we have seen a huge change in the way women are educated.

I wanted to give these girls a chance and give them the chance to succeed,” Srikath said.

Sriya Patel, a senior lecturer at the Sulkanya Polytechnically, a female college in Maharashtra, was awarded the medal for her work with girls at the college.

“This is my life goal,” she said.

The institute aims to open a girls’ college in five years.

“There is no government college in Assam for girls.

I believe that there should be one for girls,” said Srikata Srikyanathan, an alumna of the institute and the dean of the school.

“I want to work with them to create a female government college.

We will work on improving the education system for girls in Assamese state.”

Srikaputramanam, the institution’s first university, opened in 1851.

The school is now known as Srikavipuram University and has courses in mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and medicine.

Sikasini, the associate director of Srikabha University, a women’s university in Rajasthan, said she was inspired to start the institute after witnessing the efforts of the women students.

“They were trying hard to get the government to make women’s colleges open,” she told Al Jazeera.

“We want to open our own women’s college to be a beacon of change in Indian education.

It will give hope to the next generation.”

In the US, the National Center for Women and Girls (NCWG) has a similar initiative to help women to access the educational system in their community.

NCWG is based in Washington DC and focuses on education, gender and civil rights.

Its mission is to educate young people to be the leaders in their communities, with an emphasis on racial, ethnic and cultural equity.

“The education that we are providing to our young people is in a sense more important than any government college or university,” said NCWGB-India director Anjana Bhardwaj.

“When they are doing things like learning how to read and write, they are also learning how they can change the world.”