Government colleges for women: Telangana government says holenagarasipura is ready for students

Telanguk government has announced a scheme for government degrees in Srinagar and Hyderabad for women.

It has also announced a national programme to provide women with opportunities for career advancement.

In the national scheme, students from rural and urban areas would get government degrees.

“We will provide the government college for a period of five years to all the students who come from the rural and the urban areas,” a senior Telangak government official said.

In Hyderabad, a special program will be launched in the next five years for students who have earned a post-graduate degree.

“The students will get the government degree in Telangkote,” the official said, adding, “In rural areas, students will be given the government degrees for one year.

In urban areas, we will provide them the government level certificate for one more year.

Students who do not have a postgraduate degree will get it in three years.”

The official said the government colleges would be open from December 1 and will be funded by the Telangamusta Rural Development Ministry.

“If we are able to achieve 100 per cent participation in government institutions, we can provide students the opportunity to further their education,” the senior official said adding, this would help improve women’s status in society.

“Government colleges for Women will help women to achieve their educational goals.

We will also help the government institutions in other sectors like construction, health, education and other fields,” he said.

“Students will be provided with opportunities like coaching and career development, as well as job placement,” he added.

The official did not divulge the exact number of students in the government program.

“It will be for people who have the opportunity of obtaining a government degree from government colleges,” he further said.

The first phase of the scheme will be implemented from December 20 and it will be free of cost to all students.

“This scheme will enable people to pursue a higher degree,” the officer said.