Government college of Technology for Women (GCTW) for Women for Karachi to open on February 15th, 2019

Government College of Technology (GFTW) in Lahore has been awarded a National Scholarship of $7,000 to establish a centre of excellence in women’s studies and innovation.

The government-run educational institution will host its first seminar of the year, which will take place from February 15 to 18, 2019, to mark the occasion.

The GFTW has been given a total of Rs 30 lakh for the first seminar, which is being organised by the Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment (DSWE).

This is the second year the institution has been accredited as a National Centre of Excellence for Women’s Studies and Innovation.

In 2013, the institution received a total scholarship of $2.5 million, which included a scholarship to start a scholarship programme.

The institution has since started the programme in 2019.

The new centre will focus on the implementation of programmes for women, including entrepreneurship, business and engineering.

The aim is to ensure a higher level of education for women in the next five years, said a statement from the DSIW.

The centre will also be tasked with providing mentorship for female students.

It is also planned to set up a research centre and create a scholarship fund for women students.

It will also provide scholarships for women engineering students, said the statement.

The DSI will also invest in the Centre for Women Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurships and support the work of the Centre.