Government college of Technology for Women for Women,Mumbai to open by end of September,says application

The government college of tech for women (GCTW) at the Vellore National Technical College, Madras, is set to open in September by end-of-September.

It is being jointly run by the government of Maharashtra and Velloret’s department of science, technology and engineering (DTES).GCTWW Director, Dr Rajendra V. Bhandari said the department of research and development (DRD) is coordinating with the institute to set up an IT infrastructure at the college, which is expected to be operational in March 2019.GCTWB, which has around 100 staff in Madras and around 400 in the state capital, is looking to attract about 100 PhD students from the local institutes and colleges.

In addition to the two institutes, GCTWB is looking for a pilot of a pilot centre for the teaching of technology-based skills, he added.

The institute will be a hub of training and research of PhD students for research and education in the fields of technology and business development, Vellores DDS director Pranav Kumar said.