Government college for female students in Sri Lanka gets a prestigious government degree

This year’s commencement ceremony of a government degree in Sri Lankan is to include a speech by the head of the National Board of Education, who will address students.

The speech will be broadcast live on national television and will also be viewed by students.

The National Board for Education (NBE) is the government body tasked with selecting students to take up higher education and the decision to accept them into the country’s prestigious higher education system was taken at the end of July.

The board will then convene a special assembly of its members, who would then have to consider the applicant’s qualifications, which include being able to speak English fluently and taking part in university classes.

The decision to allow them into higher education would be made by the board.NBE Chairman Pravin K. Kavitha was awarded a Bachelors degree in social work in the field of human resources and development at the university in the northern town of Pukkakkam on Tuesday.

He is the only woman among the board members, according to a press release by the government.

The board members will be named by the President, who is also the president of the university.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries where women are not allowed to pursue higher education.

The country has been a beacon of progress in the fight against gender-based violence.