Girls College: The Last Song, the Last Film, and the Last Show

This week, we’ll be revisiting the last song, the last film, and, of course, the most shocking thing of all: the final episode of Girls College.

Written by series creator Lauren Lapkus, the finale of the drama will also feature the return of the character of Hannah (Jodie Sweetin), and the return to the school of the new cast. 

“There was a moment where we thought, ‘We’re going to do this in our lifetime,'” Lapkus told TVLine.

“I feel like this is the show that really is meant to be remembered forever.

And I’m so proud to be part of that legacy.” 

The finale will mark the final chapter in a storyline that has been teased for several seasons now.

It begins with Hannah and her friends, including Emily (Jada Pinkett Smith), having to face a new version of their school, one that is still hostile to them.

But Hannah’s friends will be able to help them overcome this new school and save their lives.

“We were all on the edge of our seats with fear,” Lapkus said.

“And then we just went, ‘Oh my God, this is so much better.'” 

It will be up to Hannah and Emily to solve the mystery of what happened to the gang of gangsters they’ve been tasked with protecting, and they will be forced to confront the history of their own school.

“You’ve seen this on the show, you’ve seen it on the series,” Lapus said.

“It’s all about the same story, and it’s all tied together.”

While the ending of Girls was not revealed, the final scene in the finale will be one of the most emotional scenes on television.

It is likely to be one that fans of the series will be emotionally invested in. 

As Lapkus says, the episode will include some surprises as well.

“There are some big surprises in the final installment,” she said. 

In the premiere, the group’s leader, Jack, was able to gain access to the vault that contained the gang’s stolen vault of treasure.

He also discovered that he was the father of one of Hannah’s old classmates, Emily (also Jodie), and she is a bit less thrilled about it.

“If you watch the finale, you’ll see that she’s still upset about it, but she doesn’t really care,” Lapis said.

She also said that there are going to be some hints about what happened on the day of the vault’s discovery. 

The show will also get a bit more serious with the show’s final episode.

The show will air at 9 p.m.

ET on Saturday, September 13, which will be the final day of filming. 

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