First grade school for women to open in Tamil Nadu: report

The first of a planned series of centres and schools for women is set to open at the Tamil Nadu government’s first-grade college for female students in the state.

The centre, called The Women’s Centre, will provide education to students in secondary schools, as well as to teachers, and will include a library and a sports hall, as per the plans unveiled on Wednesday by the Tamilnadu government.

The centre will be in charge of teaching students about female issues, said state education minister K. Jayantanthan.

“It is a place where we can give them knowledge on their rights, which will be taught by women who are working here, and where they will be educated,” he said, adding that the state government was also planning to launch a similar centre in a college in a neighbouring district.

A separate centre will offer courses in social work, economics and law for women.

This year, the Tamil government launched an initiative called NAMAN, or Women in Leadership, aimed at encouraging women in leadership roles across the state, including in state government and public sector.

Among the first projects being undertaken are an early learning centre at the government’s department of education, a women’s centre at a school for girls and a centre for women’s entrepreneurship and employment.