‘Ava Bhai’ for first grade students in Bengaluru’s Mysuru University: AVA Bhai’s ‘AVA’ for Bengaluru students

KARKUT: Ava Bhani, a renowned Bollywood actress and a graduate of the prestigious Bhatinda School of Music, has become a new name to the Bengaluru government education department.

According to an official notification, Bhai, known for her roles in “Koi Ka Bhaana” and “Ava” for Bollywood, has been appointed as the new first-grade principal of Mysurus University in Bengalur, in collaboration with the state government.

She will head the new institution, which is in the process of forming a department.

Bhai is also set to be a part of the state’s new ‘Award for Excellence’ programme, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of education and promote the country’s cultural, social and economic development.

According the government notification, the ‘Awards for Excellence for Education’ programme was started by the department of education last year and is aimed at encouraging students to pursue their dreams in an academically rigorous and competitive environment.

“This new initiative will further strengthen the education system in the country,” it said.

Bharat, the capital city of the northeast, is home to nearly 10 lakh students of government, private and non-profit schools.

The education department will be given the task of developing a programme to boost the number of students enrolled in state-run institutions.

The department has also set up a department to help the students find a new home in the city.